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How to Choose the Right Development Method

How to Choose the Right Development Method

Author: Alan Mumford

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Every trainer and developer has to choose from a vast array of different methods - each with their enthusiastic advocates. Most trainers do not make systematic decisions about which methods to employ, tending to choose methods they personally enjoy and/or are already familiar with.

This manual examines the pros and cons of 16 development methods (e.g. case studies, role-plays, lectures) in a dispassionate, utterly rigorous way.

This resource is a must for all professionals who are involved in helping people learn and develop. It provides a thorough assessment and covers 16 methods of people development, including coaching, mentoring, distance learning, role-playing, videos, technology-based training and on-the-job learning. Each is related to different learning needs and styles and makes the manual a natural complement to Learning Styles.

What are the Benefits?

  • It is one of the most thorough explorations of the subject available
  • It ensures methods are suitable for everybody, by incorporating learning style preferences into selection criteria
  • Trainers can capitalise on their influence with the helpful insights the manual provides into their style of management
  • Thoughtstarters for action plans are provided to help trainers work through the implications of what they are reading
ISBN: 9780952438953